: Thinking about a Honda commuter...

12-14-07, 07:26 PM

Offered 2100 if it passes smog. It's actually in very good shape, runs great, very little damage to exterior and interior looks good. 150K.

I'm thinking it'll make a great commuter car with better than 30mpg.

It's a bit more than others nearby, but its in my town and I don't have to drive an hour to look at it.

c5 rv
12-14-07, 07:40 PM
What, the front seat is so awful that they only included a pic of the rear seat? That vintage of 4 cyl Honda with an automatic will probably be awfully slow.

12-14-07, 07:43 PM
The wife just ditched her 96 accord/130,000 miles for $1000.You should of called,of course I would of tried to talk you out of it,your too young to drive an ugly car.

12-14-07, 07:50 PM
Havn't bought the thing yet...but I've got two grand in cash and I don't want a payment and this one is actually in very good shape. Ugly? Yea, but no more than the wrecked 4runner I'm driving right now...

And not worried about speed. That's what the Challenger is for. I'm just looking for something I can pay cash for and not have to fix all the time, and get more than 25 mpg.

12-14-07, 07:54 PM
That'll meet your requirements and more. I had actually given thought to picking one of those up a few years back, just so I could have a fuel efficent car. But every one I found was either beat up, or way overpriced. $2100 for 150k is actually a steal when it comes to these older Accords.

Plus, I guess they're pretty nice to drive. I drove one and don't recall too much about it.

12-14-07, 08:07 PM
It seemed to do alright. Had a lot more get up and go than I expected it to, shifted nice, turned fine, no rattles, shakes or funny sounds. It had LEG ROOM and HEAD ROOM for my freakishly tall body! Crack in the windshield was the only bad thing I saw about it. Brakes felt like they needed to be bled but it stopped and they didn't leak down at all. Gonna call him back in the morning and see what I can do about getting him to smog it before I buy.

12-14-07, 08:32 PM
Oh yeah, that's the other thing...they're surprisingly roomy, and you've got excellent vision out of all windows...due to the low beltline and vast amount of glass.