: strange rumble sound during hard acceleration.

12-14-07, 07:13 PM
98 deville, 131k, no hesitation, no stalling. what happens is when I accellerate hard theres a rumble sound. its only during hard acceleration. If I go easy with it, she dont make noise at all. anyone have any ideas?:crybaby:

12-14-07, 07:20 PM
Maybe a rubber hanger cookie for the exhaust system has broken and something is "grounding" to the body.

12-14-07, 07:40 PM
hhhhmmmm...i do here something rattleing under the car...slightly noticeable but it rattles a bit..could that be the problem?

12-14-07, 07:51 PM
This is an easy one, I think. Very likely the infamous front motor mount letting go and allowing the engine to rock too much and cause the exhaust to contact something; exactly what happened to my '97 ETC.

Richard Moore
Fountain Hills, AZ

12-14-07, 08:16 PM
that may be it. I will have my mechanic look..thanks

12-18-07, 04:15 PM
OK..tool her to the shop today to have rumble looked at. It was a bracket thats directly under the exhaust pipe in the middle of the car. The bracket somehow got bent up, so the exhaust pipe was banging on it. I was happy that it was a $10 fix!!:thumbsup:

thanks to all who replied:bouncy: