: "V" wants a Maggie for christmas

12-14-07, 11:22 AM

Many of you have been here before! I am seriously considering installing a maggie in my 05 "V", assuming that I can get approval from the hardware acquisition committee (The Wife). I thought that I had a solid plan with respect to headers and high flow cats, however, I have heard many issues with my first choice headers. If you all had to do it over again, which headers, cats, and other equipment included or not included in the magnacharger kit would you select? I am not looking for one mans opinion otherwise I am sure that the previous posts would suffice. I am more interested in hearing from as many of you as possible so that I can keep from enduring the same hardships that it appears many of you have had to overcome. I know that the kit comes with a programmer, the question is will that programmer only work with the stock exhaust or can it supply the proper programming for headers, cats, and Corsa exhaust? The kit contains injectors, the same question, are those fine or with a modified exhaust should I use others? What does the kit provide that should be used and what should be tossed aside and replaced with a newer, better, option? I am not building a race car here, I just want the best balance achievable for performance and drivability. Everyones opinion is greatly appreciated. Even presentation ideas for the powerpoint to be presented to the hardware acquisition committee... LoL :D

Many Thanks,


12-14-07, 11:30 AM
Here's my.02:

1) Maggie, great choice for the stock motor
2) Consider a cam, will get you 25-35RWHP and a great sound at both idle and WOT
3) I have B&B Tri-Flo, only ones available in October 2004, you have many options but Kooks seems to be most popular
4) Cats, you don't need no stinking cats, the smell of fuel in the cabin is sign of American Muscle
5) The injectors from Magnuson are adequate, not need to upgrade
6) I beleive the programmer is from Superchips-spend a few extra bucks and get a StealthV tune or from a reputable local tuner
7) Talk to Magnuson about your options, as I think you can run a larger unit at 10psi with no issues, of course I provide no warranty

Hope I got 'em all. The Maggie has great street manners, the cam will make you smile, the wife may kill you, but as I have said many times-----You can always sleep in your car but you can never drive your house!!!

12-14-07, 03:04 PM
Im not sure but I think that the ProCharger is another alternative. I have heard a lot of people with problems with the whole maggie think. Now I know that Randy has done the install himself and is working just great. But most people that have done the Charger have had good things to say. I also think that price is about the same.


12-14-07, 03:22 PM

Works for me (on two cars even!).

Just convince your wife about the benefits of public education and that the kids are better off in community college. :histeric:

12-14-07, 03:27 PM
The ProCharger is a viable alternative, either one will force you to keep the V for its life.
If you can get 10psi out of a Maggie, it is the ticket for you, as it will launch harder. The PC will get you 14-16psi, but not on a stock motor.
A great help in deciding would be to go for a ride with both units and compare.
If you can fly to SoFlo I will take you out for a spin---be sure to wear brown underwear:D.

12-14-07, 05:20 PM
... Now I know that Randy has done the install himself and is working just great. ...:yup: Some others have, too.

MAGGIE MAGGIE MAGGIE :cloud9: ...:yup:

... either one will force you to keep the V for its life. ... be sure to wear brown underwear:D.:yup:

Rob, where are you located? Would love to give you a ride if you have any doubts as to the maggie/Kooks/cats/Corsa combination. Personally, I have ALWAYS wanted a car where while tooling along you could mash the throttle and produce wheelspin in the lower gears without popping the clutch ... and would make me feel like a real man. :helpless: Well, at least it spins the tires.

Are you reasonably mechanically inclined? If so, you can save some serious bucks with a DIY install (it's not THAT hard at all, you just need to have a few tools) ... would show how fiscally responsible you are for the wife, too. :thumbsup:

Back to performance, the thing truly does accelerate quickly ... almost scary. No need to even think about getting an '09, now that this one is setup this way. All I need is to get some track instruction, now.

And, the setup can indeed be reliable, too. Yeah, I know others have had issues, but some of those were due to others problems, not the maggie.

Starting this thread is a great idea. Then, once you've narrowed it down to what you want to do, do your homework and know way ahead of time what to expect so there's no (at least minimal) surprises. :highfive: