: R/C Toys

12-12-07, 02:13 PM
Do you like R/C toys ? I have quite RC toys mostly a hefty of cars . In fact, I am interested in helicopters and planes however I can't use them as it should lol .I tried to fly a heli w/ 6 channels remote .The result was terrible lol
I think if have more time for those planes,helis I can be a good pilot lol

Nitro toys are a different world and I might buy a 4X4 truck and have fun .It's much easier to use it than aircraft stuffs lol

Ships too peak my interest. However you don't see as much models as cars .
1/8 models are good choice for cars .1/12 is ok too .

12-12-07, 03:12 PM
There's a group at my marina that sail RC boats through a course. That has always interested me. I've wanted an RC glider too but never found the time

12-12-07, 03:18 PM
In 7th grade I angled for a Team Associated RC10. Was into it for a couple years but I never had the $$ to do what I want. I always think about dabbling in it again. In my town, there is actually an R/C airplane park. There's planes there almost all the time.

12-13-07, 09:31 AM
I used to fly R/C airplanes. It was fun, except the hard landings got expensive! :)