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05-06-04, 07:06 AM
Hello again - early on after I got my Deville, I read that many N* owners and "mechanics" recommended the use of "Royal Purple" ( http://www.royalpurple.com/homea/homea.html ) oil. So I went and found a local dealer and bought a barrel of it (well, a 5-gallon jug anyway.) I used it for two or three changes, and didn't notice a great deal of difference, except that the engine seemed to run QUIETER with it in than with other oils - and I've used Mobil1 and Pennzoil since then. The nuts at Jiffylube just put in a fill of Pennzoil Synthetic last week (even though I asked for regular oil).

I don't seem to have a (knock on wood) major oil consumption problem, I went the full interval since last change without the Oil Check light coming on or anything. I try to go by the Oil Life indicator to change oil/filter, and I think it went about 4-4.5K thousand miles before I got to 9% left.

Anybody else ever use Royal Purple? Is it worth the money? The 5 gallon jug I bought was around $120 bucks (Yeah, more money than sense back then.. lol)

05-06-04, 10:23 AM
I use it in all my vehicles, but then getting a 55 gal drum (through my employer) for the break-down price of $2.57/QT makes it feasable to do. Advance Auto still takes all my used oil for free, too!

05-06-04, 11:11 AM
Thoughts...????.....It is a waste of money.....It is snake oil.....It can't do anything that conventional SL/GF3 oil can......

Somehow we managed to develop and validate the Northstar engine on regular ole mineral oil. SL/GF3.... Anything more and you are just wasting money.....

What are you hoping to gain with the "Royal Purple"...other than spend 2 or 3 times as much money for an oil change...???

Hint....the people having "good luck" with it are trying to sell it....similar to Amsoil fanatics.....

Use conventional motor oil that is rated SL/GF3 and change it according to the oil life monitor and obcess over something else. There is nothing magic in Royal Purple (other than the price). You can get the same benefits by standing on the throttle occasionally and keeping the carbon cleaned out and the rings exercised. Forget the fancy oils and snake oil additives.

If you REALLY want to use an oil that is "better" in terms of temperature and wear protection use the Delvac/Delo/Rotella heavy duty oils....but understand that the fuel economy will suffer slightly due to the lack of friction modifiers. The proof of the improved wear protection and such is the additional "Cxxxx" ratings that the Delo/Delvac/Rotella oils carry. Any oil that is fortified to meed the SL ratings AND the various commercial diesel ratings is good oil. Does the Royal Purple meet and diesel ratings...???....read the ratings on the can.

05-06-04, 11:23 AM
Is it safe to have your oil life meter go down to 9%?

05-06-04, 11:47 AM
SAFE...???? I hate to use the "S" word in regard to oil life...LOL Nothing safety related to it.

Will it hurt the engine to let the oil life run down to 9%..??? Absolutely not. No problem at all. The oil life monitor takes all the things that affect motor oil life into account (including the primary variable....YOUR driving schedule) and accurately predicts the oil life remaining. Even at "ZERO" oil life remaining there is significant cushion or "safety factor" (there's that "S" word again...LOL) built into the system so that the oil has significant life remaining to protect the engine until the oil is changed. You can let it run down to zero oil life remaining and then get the oil changed at your convenience without any worry of engine damage or shortened engine life.