: 18 Inch rims for sale

12-07-07, 05:43 PM
Hey if anyone is interested i just sold my catera and have some aftermarket rims for sale. These rims and tire make the perfect summer package. They about 5000 miles on them. check em out theyare item number .

12-07-07, 05:44 PM
sorry they are for sale on ebay jsut type in that number they are 18's and reall look sharp on the catera if anyone wants to see them on a catera i have pics.

12-08-07, 11:08 AM

your first thread got locked cuz its in the wrong section.
instead of re-posting it in the same spot you might wanna try posting it in the classifies section where it belongs.

12-08-07, 01:34 PM

12-08-07, 01:35 PM
guess i wasnt clear enough when i locked your first thread