: Transmission Fluid Change

12-07-07, 03:55 PM
Hey guys,
I was just wondering if anyone could point me the right way to chage my transmission fluid on my 2000 catera. It has only like 77K miles on it but the problem is it takes a while to shift gears when the car is cold and often times while driving the check engine light comes on with another light flashing "s", I think thats the light that has something to do with the transmssion. I was thinking of changing the transmission fluid or just adding some additive that's supposed to help restore transmssion problems, if its something minor. My question is I only see one bolt to open to drain the fluid under the car, it's very low so is that the one the I open to drain and then use to fill up the fluid again? How do I check the fluid and fill it back up to normal level. Does the car have to be running? and also what fluid is recommended to use? thanks you guys! :)

Po Pimp
12-07-07, 08:07 PM
This is on a BMW web site but the transmissions are the same.

4L30-E Transmission fluid change (www.pelicanparts.com/bmw/techarticles/E36-Tranny_Fluid_Auto/E36-Tranny_Fluid_Auto.htm)

Sad to say if it is flashing "S" it is probably something more serious. I personally would not put any additives or do a flush on a transmission. A flush can cause way more problems then it solves.

If the "S" continues after the fluid change take it in to a reputable transmission shop. One that actually rebuilds them not just slaps rebuilt ones into cars. You may or may not get good new but at least you will know what to do. You would be suprised how many cars have "bad transmissions" that cost $200-300 to fix. If you do have to get another one perhaps a low milage used you would be a good option. Alot of times you can get these with warranties, even if they are short.