: New version of an old idea?

Fire and Ice
12-05-07, 07:07 PM
For those who don't yet know me, I'm a bit of a performance enthusiast, so much to the point I can't leave anything alone. As an example, my cars and computers can never have too much power. One idea I had a while back was to put a magnetic clutch pack on my supercharger pulley, much like the one used on an A/C compressor. With the flip of a switch, any would be challengers who believed I was driving just another typical bolt on vehicle would get a ass raping they never even saw coming. Now, if memory serves, such a device was used in the first Mad Max (the road warrior?) movie with Mel Gibson. Never seen this one in use, but it would be an awesome surprise to spring on someone. :thumbsup:


12-06-07, 08:36 AM
It's an elegant idea with significant drawbacks:

With a Roots style (GM 4-71) blower no air moves unless the blower runs. With a centrifugal unit, the restriction created by the idle impeller is very significant. (Turbocharging is a different world....)

You would have to create an electric reverse "wastegate" to provide sufficient NA air, as well as coming up with some sort of exotic engine control system in order to adjust fuel, air, and timing depending on whether you were in NA or blown modes.

The entire rig would have to be handmade for each vehicle.

Fire and Ice
12-06-07, 12:26 PM
Well, I've run my (old) car with the belt off and drawing air in through the S/C. It actually did fairly well, all things considered. I think it dynoed just over 300 RWHP until just shy of 5,000 rpms when the inlet hose collapsed from excessive vacuum created due to impeller restriction. I honestly didn't "need" the power of the supercharger. It would only serve to get me in serious trouble. I more or less wanted something unique that would help the car draw a little less attention when I wanted the cops to leave me alone. The whistle of the D1R Procharger was louder than the car at idle, which says A LOT. It could be heard from blocks away just at idle.