: 1999 Seville Ignition DTC Help!

12-04-07, 11:34 PM
Hello everyone, I would appreciate some help on diagnosing the following DTCs I have on my 1999 Seville. Thanks in advance!

P1323 - IC 24X Reference Circuit Low Frequency

P1375 - IC 24X Reference Circuit High Voltage

P1377 - IC Cam Pulse To 4X Reference Pulse

P0343 - Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input

12-12-07, 02:45 PM
Bump...please help! Thanks!

12-12-07, 04:56 PM
Not ignoring you. Just don't have an answer. Maybe one of the resident techs will chime in.

12-12-07, 05:59 PM
Are these codes (C)urrent or (H)istory ??

Before you start throwing your credit card around, remove the engine beauty cover and carefully unplug and reconnect every electrical connector you can find.

The cam sensor is in the upper "front" or pulley end of the engine, on the "rear" head, and the connector lays flat against the camshaft (!) cover. Nearby you'll see the multi-pin connector for the rear head ignition cassette. Unplug and plug 'em all.