: is WOT mandatory for a deville 2000

05-05-04, 04:48 PM
i was wondering plus i was told that the north star need the wot on a regualr basis im getting a code of p0335 i know its a sensor a crank but its on back order at the dealler damn

but when i wot i get a rotten egg smell is that carbon after i do that it feeels like i gain more horsepower like the pedal is much litter is it possible to clean out the carbon but i only have 60k on it how could sensors go so soon it feels like something is sticking and the wot free's it up thanks for the info guys much cadi luv:hmm:

05-05-04, 07:26 PM
yes, this engine needs to rev up to high rpms to get rid of all the carbon deposits. like Bbob said that the N* is a performance engine and was designed to let drivers take advantage of that performance and "babying" the engine is just going to make it worse then flooring it. that's not a problem with me though :rolleyes2

05-05-04, 11:39 PM
If you routinely travel on freeways at 70+ mph and accelerate with gusto, I would say the wot's unneccessary. But, if you do a lot of around town driving, any big block engine needs the occassional blowing out.

If safety, or other restricting circumstances prevent the WOT's, the dealer can decarbonize it for you.

With the Northstar, I sort of look forward to the occassional WOT. Especially, when one of those funny looking Hondas with the spoiler riveted on the back, stops next to me....lol! ;)

05-06-04, 12:07 PM
The WOT's and heavy throttle accels and decels are especially recommended for a 2000 and later Northstar. The 2000 and later Northstars had pistons with the top ring lands hard anodized for wear and poundout protection. This is good for piston and ring durability but it also is bad in that it takes a lot of load sometimes to get the ring seated against the ring land sidewalls due to the inherent surface finish of the hard anodizing. Many 2000 and later engines with oil consumption issues are inspected and found to be never broken in due to light load and weeny duty cycles.....

There is no need to be a scoff law or unsafe at all to do this. Simply drive normally on the expressway and take advantage of any lull in traffic to select manual 2nd gear at 55-60 MPH. Hold speed in 2nd. Go WOT and let the engine/car accelerate to 70 or so and then let completely off the throttle for heavy engine braking down to 50-55 or so....go WOT back up to 65-70 or so....let off and engine brake down to 55 or so....get the idea??? Do this WOT/decel procedure 10-12 times and then shift to drive and drive normally. Repeat as necessary. The higher RPM/full load and the heavy overrun/decel in 2nd will exercise the rings to seat them against the sidewalls of the ring grooves and will tend to get them moving to rid the ring lands of carbon and such. Much more fun and less annoying than a dealer decarb or anything like that .... and much more effective.

Also, take any and every advantage to use WOT to acclerate in traffic, on on ramps, passing, etc. Flog it often and hard. It likes it.

05-08-04, 05:44 PM
Cadillac dealer offers fuel injection cleaning service for about $120. Is this necessary? Does WOT runs help cleaning injecters also?