: Volvo

12-02-07, 08:45 PM
Heres some volvo stuff some of you want to see
This was our ad some years ago
Very Tasteful Timeline
Volvo was founded in 1927 , By Mr Gabrielson and Mr Larson. The motto then is still used today "Cars are driven by people, the guideing prinicpal behind everything we make at volvo therfore is and must allways must be safety."

As of today out cars are marked for and are 85% recycleable.

In many markets our cars leave the air cleaner then when they found it , one feature is called "Premair" , which is a coating that kills ozone that gets sprayed on the raditator , so as air passes thrught the radiator the ozone is removed from the air.

Heres some of the favorites of Volvo Techs :

The 240 series : http://www.fastautosales.com/images/models/volvo_240.jpg

The 740 series (kelsey grammar owns a 740 with a ford 5.0 under the hood), and the 780 coupe http://www.sandmracing.com/images/s/740pix/1989%20Volvo%20740%20Turbo%20%238AA4B.jpghttp://www.allcarpictures.com/pictures/volvo/780/volvo-780.jpg

850/S70 http://www.volvot5.co.uk/volvogallery/albums/Mikeys/normal_850R%20008.jpg http://www.minerva.com.au/winton/volvo.jpg http://www.vlvworld.com/850/photo/Volvo_S70.jpg

s60/V70/XC70 http://farm1.static.flickr.com/29/64689208_0a357a08d4.jpg http://us.autos1.yimg.com/img.autos.yahoo.com/aic/volvo_s60_r_2007_440x220.jpg http://carpages.co.uk/guide/@images/volvo/volvo-xc70.jpg


12-02-07, 09:16 PM
I want a light blue 1980 244. First person to know why gets points.

12-02-07, 10:21 PM
uh becuse it was in that goodfellas movie

12-02-07, 10:24 PM
Stoney, can you explain to me how the older Volvo line-up worked? Like was the 240 the cheap model, or was the 740, etc etc?

12-02-07, 10:42 PM
uh becuse it was in that goodfellas movie
Wow, I didn't think anybody would get it. Nobody even knows my Phaeton was in it, let alone a blue Volvo.

But I actually do like Volvos, and might get one as a driver.

12-02-07, 11:45 PM
well here in the us at the time of the 240 and 740 the 240 was the cheap car , just because it was a older platform ..

only recently you see the entry level thru top line cars ....

In europe tho you had the 300 series volvos as the cheap cars . then the 200 series as the mid range , and the 700 and 900s as the more expensive ones ...later the 300 series volvos were replaced for the 400 series ,, which we also didnt get , we amlost got the 400 series coupe , even brocures were printed , but they pulled the plug last minute on the us bound 400 series

12-03-07, 12:02 AM
The C70 Hard-top Convertible is the most beautiful Volvo I've ever laid eyes on. In fact, it gives other Europeans a serious run for their money.


12-03-07, 02:08 AM
I could go for a C70, previous or current. I admire the 850.

12-03-07, 02:20 AM
Volvo: Boxy, but good.


Admittedly, this movie was made at least 20 years ago.

12-03-07, 03:36 AM
Hey, I remember that movie!

Night Wolf
12-03-07, 06:37 PM
The 240 has the classic tank look, but I just can't get over the ugly bugeye headlights....

I do like the 850, so are they considered a luxury car? can they be had with manual transmissions? what engines? turbo? they are all FWD, right?

12-03-07, 07:00 PM
all 850s were FWD , the s70 did come AWD ...

everything but the 850r according to my boss was availible with a stick ....all 850 and s70s came with 5 cyl engines , in 2 flavors nomrally aspirated , and turbocharged , with the r getting the high pressure turbo