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Elmer Fudd
11-30-07, 07:03 PM
Recently I had to make a business trip of about 2500 miles. The nature of the trip made it better that I simply drive (multiple stops along a circle route in the Eastern USA). I rented a car at Alamo, and got a Buick Lucerne. This car was not your typical rental, but had all the gizmos. Once I got on the highway I realized the biggest “gizmo” was under the hood…..a N* engine.

This car was sweet. Ride was good, handled great and with the N* the performance was super. Now I still would not trade my Concours for it (well actually I WOULD since this car was brand new….but I doubt Alamo would have agreed) because I am 6’ 7” and although the Lucerne is not a small car by any means, it did not quite have the room I like.

Still, if you are looking for a sweet vehicle with N* zoom-zoom and without the Caddy price, don’t ignore this car…….:thumbsup:

12-02-07, 05:56 PM
They are nice looking cars!

12-11-07, 10:12 AM
Just had to relate my Lucerne car rental experience with Alamo, after reading this. I reserved mine on the internet and purposely picked this car. I did give them my credit card number to hold the rental for me.

When I arrived in Las Vegas, I went directly to the airport to pick it up fot the week. When I entered the rental building, there were signs all over, saying that if you had reserved a car, just go to the parking lot and pick out one, then drive to the exit with it. So I did just that. When I got to the gate, I rolled down my window and handed the young man my computer print-out, of the reservation. He took one quick look at it and handed it back to me. Then he said, "Thnak you'" and opened the gate. I drove off thinking how efficient things had gotten since I had last rented a car.

I was just a block or so away, when I realized that I had not signed anything, nor did they even have my name, since I got my print-out back. I kept the car for the week and when I returned it they were very confused, because they had no record of it having been rented out. I advised them of my actions, and the manager said, "Have a nice day, so don't owe us anything for the rental, because there is no contract." I was quite surprised, but didn't argue with them.

Two weeks later I got a charge on my credit card. I would have been disappointed but it turned out that the charge was $10 for not picking up the car I had reserved.

In any event, the Northstar did perform quite well, and if I had known I could have just kept the car, I would have traded it to you for your Concourse. Hahahehehe

Crown Vic Owner
12-11-07, 11:31 AM
lol. So technically, the car was stolen.