: Breaking News: Motorcycle Daredevil/Stuntman Evel Knievel dead at 69...

11-30-07, 04:38 PM
No further details currently available, other than that his grand-daughter has confirmed that he has died.


11-30-07, 04:42 PM
Funny, he was in the news a couple days ago. He and Kayne West met up and discussed the lawsuit Evil filed against West for portraying him in West's "Touch the Sky" Music Video. In the end, they came to a compromise.

11-30-07, 04:43 PM
WOW!... he was an icon.

He lived real close to me, I had some drinks with him on several occasions at the Dollhouse in Tampa...

He was quite a drinker.... and a mean son-of-a-bitch at times too.

11-30-07, 05:49 PM
If you had missed a motorcycle jump across Grand Canyon you'd be a mean SOB too !!!!!

11-30-07, 06:03 PM
I thought he was already dead untill 2 days ago,back to Randy's presumed dead list for Evil.

11-30-07, 10:17 PM
Bumped into evel a couple times , i never said a word to him ....Just kinda gave him a nod to say "I know who you are dude .but im gonna let ya be"...

freind of mine lived acorss the street from him , found evel one day trapped under his harley , he was trying to go for a ride and the damned bike fell on him ....fire dept had to come out and help him ....

cool guy tho , not how i wanted to see him go .....i had visions of a 80 year old evel jumping the canyon one more time

11-30-07, 10:46 PM
Yea he lived in Feather Sound. He was grumpy for sure.

11-30-07, 11:18 PM
Well at least where he goes he can't break anything.

12-01-07, 12:27 AM
I heard this on NPR while driving home this evening. I have to admit I'm a bit shocked... pretty much anyone who grew up during the 70s idolized this man, the saddest part was he was still relatively young - only 69.

The only thing I was more shocked by was the fact they had said he had broke 40-some bones throughout his life... that sounded like a relatively low number for all of the stunts he pulled!

12-01-07, 12:59 AM
That dude was bad. If you were a kid on the 70's, you wanted to be Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali or Evel Kneivel. In Bklyn, us kids propping long wooden boards on top of cinderblocks to make a ramp to jump our bikes across. This barely ever ended well:wacky:. But you could'nt tell a kid back then that Evel Kneivel was'nt the baddest man walking.