: Hello everyone I just got a 96 FWB

05-05-04, 12:04 AM
Hi everyone, I'm new to the board (great board by the way) and a proud new owner of a 96 FWB that's apparently just getting broken in at 99,000. My FWB is the same color as Bill's 6-speed (marblehead I think). I got it april 14th and have already started on the mods because you just can't leave anything stock. I removed firstbase, homeplate and front license plate bracket, and added the camaro throttle cover,9c1 feul bib,air defectors and some hand controls. (need these because I broke my back and became paralyzed 10 years ago when I flipped my Yamaha Banshee on me) I modified the driver rear door to open up more and I'm thinking of removing the pockets on the front seats (keep catching my wheelchair on it). I bought a set of Impala SS stock springs off ebay and have lots of goodies on a 94 9c1 I bought for parts last year (oil cooler, quick ratio steering box, rear disc brakes)I'll get these swapped in sometime this summer. I'm really into the Pro-Touring style my other cars are (1)86 Monte Carlo SS black w/gray int t-tops 12" front disc brakes and 16" american racing rims, (2)99 S-10 Xtreme red ext cab stepside 8.5" rear axle 12" xtreme blazer rear disc 13" z06 front disc and z06 rims and 99 envoy floorshift console, (3)80 El Camino SS teal green shaved billet grill cowl induction hood. It's great to be here with you guys. Jason Hurst

05-05-04, 06:55 AM
welcome aboard, jason!
Hope ya have fun and stay around here
i'd be like you (cant leave anything stock) but being 16 with no job = no money for the mods, LOL

05-05-04, 08:11 AM
Welcome Jason!
Its good to have you as a new member! Good luck with the "wood". When you get a chance post a picture or two.

05-05-04, 01:30 PM
I just added a pic to the picture area of my FWB at the dealership when I bought it. More to come later.

05-05-04, 02:37 PM
Welcome aboard, Jason!! Thanks for signing up! I'm glad you found us.. I have a '95 - but I'm not modding it.. It sounds like you've got a great handle on mods, though.. Mine is the same color as yours - I think.. Medium Marblehead Metallic. Pictures (http://www.80sxchange.com/caddy2/caddy2.html)

I guess you'll be hanging out mostly in the RWD section with the rest of the FOSS members. :D

05-07-04, 11:08 PM
Welcome aboard, thanks for signing up :wave:

Great choice in cars! Post some pics if you can, and info on your mods!!