: Terrbile Experience with Brogan Cadillac Ridgewood NJ

11-29-07, 11:58 AM
I wanted to take a moment to share a terrible experience with Brogan Cadillac in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

I negotiated a deal, signed a contract, and left a deposit for a new Escalade ESV. When I went to pickup the vehicle, they refused to honour the price in my signed purchase agreement. The sales manager claimed that the salesperson made a mistake in the original deal, and the price was $2,500 more.

I told them that it was not acceptable, and that it was not my fault the salesperson made a "mistake."

Bottom line... they refused to honour the price and so far they have refused to refund my deposit. I have called three times.

Stay away from this dealer.

11-29-07, 01:22 PM
Unfortunately, while GM is finally building Cadillacs again, there are many dealers who still refuse (or don't know how) to treat Cadillac buyers in a first-class manner, such as the competition does.

This is a foolish, old-style shake-down -- the sales manager has a higher-price call for the same vehicle from the national network and he wants to back out of your deal or hit you up for an even higher price.

Understand this:
You are not responsible for mistakes made by their sales people. The dealer is responsible for the salesman's training and must stand behind the agreement he made, or cancel it and refund your deposit (they are acting criminally in withholding it, by the way)

First, make sure you really know what you are talking about -- do you have a signed purchase agreement, or an estimate?

Second, call the Brogan President, Ned Cancelmo, and tell him what's going on. Give him dates, names and numbers.

If he won't give satisfaction, tell him you are going to call the NJ Secretary of State (or whichever state agency monitors fraud in commerce it may be the Attorney General, or whatever -- KNOW BEFORE YOU SAY IT). Also that you are going to call Cadillac Division Customer Relations and Dealer Relations.

If none of this works (and you need to be serious about it), come back here and we'll find you the people to call at Cadillac.

Good luck.

11-29-07, 03:25 PM
Many thanks for your reply 60-Special.

I have a signed purchase agreement (standard GM purchase contract) including the VIN, negotiated price, deposit amount, etc. I can see this possibly happening on a used vehicle, but this purchase was for a 2008 fully loaded Escalade ESV.

I blame the salesperson Joe for this entire mess, as he was inexperienced and a new employee. I have owned Escalade's since they first came out, so I actually knew more about the truck than he did.

When I returned home, I contacted Cadillac at 800-333-4CAD and asked their opinion. The person I spoke with said that the dealers are free to negotiate any deal they want, and that GM corporate cannot get involved in price disputes.

I ended up purchasing my ESV at Brogan Cadillac in Totowa, NJ. While the drive for service is further, I refuse to give the folks in Ridgewood the satisfaction of my future business. In the end, Brogan did get my purchase... but not at the price originally agreed.

I will contact Ned Cancelmo as you have suggested. Do you have his contact information?