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11-28-07, 09:48 PM
So i posted a thread earlier about how my idiot light for my coolant level was coming on and i thought it was a sensor. well i pulled into the gas station today to get gas and noticed a little smoke roll off my hood, so i moved the car and sure enough there was a puddle of coolant. I went inside and came back out several minutes later to find another puddle underneath where i had just moved my car.

i dont think it was leaking like that the other day cuz i would have noticed, this i smy daily driver so i need it to get to work and school! i have to fix it as soon as possible.

i popped the hodd and couldnt see anything so i jacked the car up and saw coolant all over alot of places. couldnt figure out where exactly it was leaking from though.

i took a picture cuz i know it helps you guys in figuring this stuf out, so im just wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and they can tip me off on where to start looking!


the 3 circled areas are th emain areas we noticed had the most coolant on them and dripping off them, however we couldnt pinpoint the exact source..?

Please HELP!?

11-28-07, 11:16 PM
heater control valve probably

11-28-07, 11:23 PM
well where is that located exactly and how do i go about finding it?

11-28-07, 11:26 PM
and does that mean if i dont use the heat it wont leak or what? cuz my reservoir was almost empty so we filled it again and turned the car on. left it in park and let it idle then reved it for a while and still didnt leak at all...the heat was off....idk whats going on

11-29-07, 02:12 AM
well where is that located exactly and how do i go about finding it?

Here's what it looks like.

Here's how to change it. (Remember: This site is British so some things will be reversed from our Cateras.)


11-29-07, 11:14 AM
k. are you sure thats the prob? cuz that looks its on the top of the engine and all the leaks seem to be coming somewhere from the middle where i cant see. I filled up the coolant again and drove it around the block, i doesnt seem to leak when i drive, however as soon as i park and leave it idling for a minutes, a steady stream of coolant comes out, and im not talking drips im talking a steady stream that just pours out, however when ever i jack the car up from the front passenger side the leaking seems to stop so i cant find it...

11-29-07, 02:29 PM
nevermind, after re-analyzing the situation, i realized that is probably the problem, im going to look into it tonight. Thanks for the help!

11-29-07, 03:37 PM

That shot you took of the HCV.....can it be physically seen from a top view, or do I need to crawl underneath the car, OR do I need to dig through stuff to get to it? I'm having the same issue. Thanks.


11-29-07, 03:42 PM
read this


you gotta remove the wipers, and what he refers to as the scuttle panel.
(idk what its actually called)

but that manual is a really good step by step with pics too.

11-29-07, 05:56 PM
and for those of you that want a Catera specific manual, not one for the Omega or Vauxhall, i will try to make one during the process of repairing mine.