View Full Version : Check out the codes in my 97 Deville... what do they mean ?

05-04-04, 07:59 PM
I've been getting TERRIBLE gas mileage and decided to try to get some codes out of it to give me a hint on whats wrong, this is what I got....

P0603= Control module long term memory reset
B1312= High side temp sensor open circuit
P1147= Heated oxygen sensor (H02s) heater performance 1 sensor 3
P1148= ? never found the code online
P1161= Heated oxygen sensor (H02s) heater performance bank 2 sensor 2
B0856= battery 2 out of range
B1982= device power circuit high
B1983= device power circuit low

Can someone please explain what this means ? Is it bad ? Should I return the car ? Thanks and sorry guy for all the questions