: Cam sound clip

11-27-07, 04:32 PM
http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v443/dounome/?action=view&current=SNV30116.flvThis is the cam that made 411HP in my car on a mustang dyno. 232/234 596/598 on a very friendly 114lsa . This thing almost sounds stock, well compared to my truck! What do you think?

11-27-07, 05:47 PM
It sounds great and very tame for having a fairly aggressive cam in it. Has it affected the drivability at all? I might be doing a cam next, and I am considering this one.

11-27-07, 06:24 PM
Nice,,,how does it feel sitting in the car at idle?

11-27-07, 06:58 PM
what other mods. where did you get the cam? sounds good.

11-27-07, 09:34 PM
The cam is a Texas speed torquer 2. They have become pretty popular lately with the LS crowd. This same cam on a 112 lsa in a LS2 GTO with exhaust just put down 458HP on a mustang, out of this world what those LS2 are doing. Anyway the car drives great but then again thats all in your tunning ability.

11-28-07, 12:08 AM
Sounds pretty tame at idle. Nice wheels!