View Full Version : Fleetwood Fuel Pump

05-04-04, 05:01 PM
Hi, I have fleetwood 1994 model and recently it was acting weired like it stopped middle of the road locked Breaks and Steering wheel. When it stopped it is showing pressure indicator and as well as Oil Indicator. I took it to Dealer and he said it could be because of ABS and Traction control sensors and they have changed sensors and ABS and Traction control lights went off now. After couple of days it stopped again, when it stopped I brought gear to Parking postion and started again then I took it dealer again then he changed Fuel Fileter and cleaned fuel injectors. After couple of days again it stopped today. I have noticed one thing always it happens when I have half tank fuel. I have spent almost $1000 on this now I so fed up. I love my car I dont want to cell unless that is going to bring me in to fanacial crisis. Could you please help me out here what's going.

Dealer is asking me bring the car and he is saying could be Fuel pump this time.

Thanks for your help.