: Lookin for a Back-up Camera Pic

11-27-07, 02:14 PM
:hmm: I can't remember how long ago this was, but I seen a Silver CTS (not sure if it was V or not) with a Pic of a Back-up camera on it. The caption stated it was a rear view camera but at the time I didn't know that they were made like that. Now that I do and am interested in getting one, I wanted to see that picture again. I've searched for Camera, Back-up, Rear view to no avail. Could someone point me in the right direction.

While you're at it, How do you like your rear-view camera?

The Tony Show
11-27-07, 02:58 PM
All the cameras you could ever want.


11-27-07, 03:14 PM

Go do a search on my install thread and you will come to the pics on the DIY forum of my install. I've got a chrome BOYO camera license plate bracket. It look fantastic in person. It's going to be expensive to tie it into the factory NAV. The mod just to get a video input to the factory NAV is $400.00. Camera will cost about $150.00. I would post a pic but I'm in the hospital on my wife's laptop right now.


11-27-07, 03:21 PM

Got it for you.


11-28-07, 09:16 PM
Thanks SS,
I've been bogged down at work. Haven't been able to come close to a PC.
Are you ok, why the extended stay in the hospital??
I wasn't planning on hooking it up to the Factory Nav, I got the Ipod Classic and was wanting to use it in the car. I was going to do the Kenwood 7100, on Crutchfied the BOYO comes free. I have my V License plate frame, The V logo is on the bottom, were you not able to put the BOYO on the top?
How is the picture in the dark?

11-28-07, 09:26 PM
I forgot u guys aren't allowed to cover up "Texas" on the plates

11-28-07, 10:29 PM
that was bleeeeee or ctsv04fl or what ever his name is today. He drilled it right through the license plate.