: Review of MTI Header install

11-27-07, 02:04 PM
The Background
I purchased a set of TPIS headers and high flow cats off of TPISís Ebay store for $875 total with shipping. The headers are great. Anyone considering headers should look at these to save some money. At first I considered installing them myself, but I really donít have the time. I would have had to take the car to a muffler shop to connect the cats to the Magnaflow exhaust anyway, so I decided to have the work ďprofessionallyĒ done. I originally wanted to have Chuck at HPE do all the work. I got quotes from both HPE and MTI. The Pricing at HPE was much more reasonable. MTI original wanted $600 dollars just to install headers. As you may have read in the other posts about these two shops, everyone considered HPE to be unprofessional. This may be somewhat true. I tried a few time to schedule the work to be done there and just couldnít make it work. I am not really blaming Chuck for the scheduling problems, but he was not as accommodating as MTI. I finally decided to go with MTI after I saw that they were having specially pricing on some of their work, and they could schedule me in right away. It should be noted that even after their ďspecial pricingĒ they were still more expensive then the quote from HPE. All the work that was to be done included the header install along with new wires, plugs, a 160 degree thermostat, and a dyno tune.

The Results
I ended up paying more than one hundred dollars more than I was quoted for the work. This was not a big deal since they had to do some fabricating to mate the cats to the magnaflow. What is a big deal is the fact that I donít think they did the wires, plugs or thermostat. The car isnít running any cooler than it did before and the wires look stock to me. Am I wrong, shouldnít the car be running cooler? Also I guess I didnít specify MSD wires. I thought it was assumed. Chuck understood when I said I wanted wires that I wanted after market wires. I guess MTI either missed that or just forgot to do that. Soooo professional of them. As for their quality of work, there is a rattle or exhaust leak coming from where the cats are. At least I think. I havenít had a chance to track down the noise as I am out of town right now. I was told it would take one day to complete the work. I dropped the car off Monday evening. Tuesday they called and said they have to overnight a new cable for their tuning gear or something like that, whatever. They said they would finish all the mechanical work Tuesday and that it would be tuned and ready to go middle of the day Wednesday. I got there around 3:00 ish because they said it was being dynode and finished. This was not true. I didnít leave MTI until 6:30 ish as they were franticly trying to finish.

The Numbers
Max HP = 353.9
Max Torque = 340.5
The torque seem low to me. What are your thoughts?

TPIS Ceramic coated header
High flow cats
Magnaflow exhaust
Possible 160 degree thermostat

The Summary
MTI was over priced, behind schedule, or at least unrealistic with their schedule, and I donít think I got what I paid for. Their quality of work, at least in my mind, does not justify the prices they charge. I am disappointed with MTI and I can not recommend them. I will bring my concerns to MTIís attention soon and I will post the response.

11-27-07, 03:34 PM
do you have pre-install dyno numbers? that torque does seem low. what brand of dyno was it?

11-27-07, 03:41 PM
There are no pre-header install dyno numbers. The sheet given to me says ďAs measured on DYNOJETís MODEL 248C DYNAMOMETER. 79.8 F 30.07-0.73 in.Hg. 0 ft. CF=1.00Ē

11-27-07, 05:12 PM
Those numbers are nearly identical to mine ... post-headers, pre-maggie.

(BTW, I did my own install, and the bandaid cost alone ... :eek:.)

11-27-07, 07:10 PM
i got a quote a few weeks ago from MTI also on header installs. HPE was a good $175 cheaper than MTI.

interesting that you say they weren't as professional as they looked. i may have to find another shop to do the work :-/