: best place to sell my car?

11-27-07, 12:48 PM
and how much should i ask for it ?.... 2004 cts-v 45000 miles in good condition!!!

11-27-07, 01:29 PM
My ad for my '04 w/ 31,000 miles asking $27,500 isn't drawing alot of excitement. Got one nibble so far...

11-27-07, 02:04 PM
well i want 21999 so i guess i will cross my fingers

11-27-07, 02:24 PM
at that pricepoint ,you're competitive with ebay pricing.
Give it a try with a 21999 buy it now option,that should get some attention.

11-27-07, 03:42 PM
and how much should i ask for it ?.... 2004 cts-v 45000 miles in good condition!!!
Ya just bought it 4 months/1,000 miles ago. Did you find something majorly wrong with it? :confused:

11-27-07, 03:58 PM
$21,999, that's crazy cheap. Why so little. That car should be in the $25K range no? Damn Cadillac...sinks like a brick in terms of value. That's a steal!!!!

11-27-07, 05:15 PM
The lowest on Autotrader.com right now is a 2004 with 52k for $22,950...SO if it's really a V, and doesn't have a questionable history, you could list it anywhere for $21k'ish and likely have it sold quickly.


The price seems a tad fishy, unless you're talking about a non-V CTS, but doesn't sound like it.

11-28-07, 12:10 AM
well the car is in very good shape!!! i just wanna make a quick sale ...i always say i will never buy a stick shift car but i always end up buying one

11-28-07, 12:13 AM
check out the pics in the classifieds

11-28-07, 12:16 AM
Is that Urbanski's broken V impersonation I hear from far,far away ?
He must be on his way to closing this thread

11-28-07, 12:17 AM
why did i do something wrong ....!!! sorry

11-28-07, 06:17 AM
Well lets be honest...Dealers literly steal the cars back at a price i fantasize about in my dreams... The body will be changin soon so expect a further dip in realistic sellin price...We can never really gain anything off of the car once we have bought it. I have a friend who won an Austin Martin Vantage. He wanted to sell it. 100kms that all he put on (60mi) the dealer offered him 30,000$ less on the ticket price...He asked why and the dealer said cause its registered...The 100kms didnt effected it as much as that..A week later he decided to take the dealer on that offer and the dealer dropped it another 6,000$. Shocked, my friends asked why, the dealer said the pound dropped....

I could have jumped in and bought the car from him, but lets be honest, two door sports cars are not my thing...

so think of a number that will make you happy then drop 25% from it, you will get the attention of others...Aftermarket parts never regain their value on your car...for one they are now used, and two you narrowed your audeince to a slimmer market...I had a 2006 Chevy Caprice..I put on a Grange body kit, 6000$ Enkei wheels 600$ Toyo Proxe +4 tires, JBA Headers, full catback Exhaust, FAST 90 intake, APR spoiler, and custom suspension kit that was adjustable from inside the cab...

I got the car for 33,000$ add in the others would be an additional 11,000$ not including shippin nor customs. But a year later my car's value on the street was only 20,000$. I knew the dealer and they offered me 22,000$ MAX...That was half of it Supposed value.
They came out with a new look and configeration...

Its all about market demand, the higher the demand the more you can ask for, the lower the demand the lower you have to go to ditch it...

This is just me thinking out loud...