: Levelling light steady on

11-25-07, 04:20 PM
First off, I am not an expert in automobile but an enthusiast alright. Reading through these forums have really helped me a lot and I could successfully solve the problems with stereo and the brake pad wear sensor of my 97 Catera. Now, there is this problem which doesn't look serious at first but I have a nagging feeling that it could just be the tip of iceberg. The leveling light is steadily on (but its very dimly lit) in the dash and I get a clinking sound from the rear whenever I run over any rough patch on the road (a sound like two metal pieces striking together). I have checked everything in the trunk, the jack etc are all properly fastened, I even drove the car without them. At this moment I am not sure where the sound is coming from, I parked the car and tried moving and shaking every part I could reach but no avail. The ride is okay but I feel it can be smoother.

Another problem is that my headlamps are out of focus, I took it to the mechanic to get them aimed. He said they just need to be cleaned and asked me to do it myself rather than paying him labor charges (nice guy), now the issue is how do I take the headlamp assembly out? I can take the bulbs out but I have to take the assembly out and clean the reflectors.

Any tips would be great help. TIA.

11-25-07, 05:14 PM
you don't take out the headlight, there is two adjuster screws on the top of them when you pop the hood , and there is a level built inside the light to get proper focus. - my car did the stedy light leveling when the fue blew.

11-27-07, 03:15 PM
Which fuse was that? Are you talking about ALC fuse below the steering wheel? It looks okay. :cookoo: