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05-04-04, 10:40 AM
My caddy is back, and better than ever. Pictures will begin after bathtime, because she's dirty. Have a couple small kinks to iron out, but not many. It's running a bit lean because of the additional flow through the heads, compression is up a notch, and DESPITE what Bob said, the extra flow is noticeable. Car's quicker at 3/4 power than it was at full power before. (On ramp, coming up it, I'm hitting the gov before I even got off the ramp, and I haven't even punched it yet.) Have a couple small bugs to iron out. As I said, it's running a bit lean, the computer's trying to compensate, but the FPR needs to be open a bit more. (Fuel Pressure Regulator) Thurs we go back to do that. I have 1 neon bar that we didn't reconnect power to yet, and my battery's a bit iffy. Otherwise, the car is running very strong. Oh, alignment's off a bit too. Overall, not too bad though. I have my new fire suppression setting up in the car. Fire Extinguisher, as opposed to the raggedy fire blanket. All the ntirous lines have been rerouted and look organized, if still busy under there. The depainted valve covers look sweet. As I said, detail today, then pictures. Btw, At a little over 3/4 power, it's tearing into 2nd gear, traction control is having a workout.

05-04-04, 11:24 AM
So uhh... care to share what you did?

05-04-04, 02:24 PM
Thought that was common knowldge, ah well. A local machine shop took it as a fun challenge to get more from the heads, so a good valve job, opening up of the intake ports just a bit, boring them out so the airflow is a bit straighter, less in the way of it, and some time on a flow bench. (Edit: Oh yea, not a reckless boring out either, if you bore too much, velocity drops and you lose power. They did what they could to keep velocity and amt of air up) If they get enough interest, they'd be happy to make a mold and start doing them in sizable quantities. I'm going to hold off on making an official ad yet though, I want to test the difference on the track, and also want to get the fuel adjustment done to make sure all the power sticks around, or see if more shows up. After about 2 weeks, Im going to hit the track and see the exact effects. I fully test a product before I give definate recommendations on whether or not you all might want to try it.
Notes, it is a bit noisier. There's a bit of a high pitched whine, almost like a s/c or turbo. Not loud enough to make you think there truly was, bit it's a bit over stock. However that could also be from the removal of the fire blanket, I don't know how much sound proofing that was good for. Give me a bit more time to test the car out, get a fresh tank of gas, etc before you start setting aside the cash for this.

05-04-04, 05:06 PM
Glad you got it going phil....

Did you DIY the headgaskets or who did the swap?

05-04-04, 05:18 PM
HP and torque guestimates??

As long as you intend to show some BMW owners who the BOSS is. :devil:

05-04-04, 10:27 PM
I had a shop do it. Chickened out because of the motor pulling. A local shop referred by my body guy.

As for estimated horse and torque? Not making a guess until I can WOT it. Refuse to make predictions without proper testing.

05-04-04, 11:04 PM
Glad to hear its back on the road! Gotta feel good driving her after rolling in the Cutlass this long.....

05-04-04, 11:59 PM
You have no idea Dave. The Cutlass actually quit friday night. Water pump blew at 75k miles. Had to coast and burn some 15 miles home. Called bring it up to about 85 mph, then put it in neutral and turn the car off, coast as long as it'll go.