: 05 Headlights

11-22-07, 12:19 PM
So can someone please clear up my confusion as to what headlights are in my STS. I have an 05 STS V8. RWD, no Nav., Basic radio with 6 disc. changer, heated seats, no woodgrain. Are the headlights just halogen capsules. I've been told by salesmen and mechanics that they are in fact HID lights. They are in no way the blueish white color like on the new DTS, or some of the BMW's, and new Maxima's and such. So if they are not true HID or Xenon's , can I just stick in one of the newer High Output bulbs like the 5800K's and up, or do I have to buy an HID conversion kit to get the high tech lighting that should have been standard on a car for this price in the first place. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

11-22-07, 01:20 PM
No one? Well anyway after some research, I think I've learned that these headlamps are what they call tungsten halogen capules. So I may try some high-power bulbs, or do the HID conversion. Anyone done an HID conversion? What are some of the good kits?

11-23-07, 04:18 AM
On my 2005's window sticker the tungsten halogen headlamps are listed under standard eqipment. The the HID's are listed as an option included in the 1SF Luxury Performance Package. It would seem that the HID's are not standard on the STS based on this. Hope this helps.