: As Opposed to the Bad Dealer stories

11-21-07, 08:43 PM
I know many of you have been going through hell with your service dept. but I decided to post a good one. I know it's close to impossible to touch Lindsay's service but, I think Superior Cadillac in KC comes pretty darn close:highfive:

Friday I, stopped by and told them I had some minor issues and they said they couldn't work on it until Monday evening. He suggested I schedule an appointment for Tuesday. I agreed and the appt. was set for 11-20 @ 5pm.

I called at 4:50 to let him know I was leaving work and would be late. Upon my arrival the rental Cadillac DTS was awaiting my arrival.

While at work I created a list of any issues or concerns that I could think of, ie. Radio buttons, whine in diff from 50-70, Battery dead w/ infrequent use, shudder in 2nd gear at cold start, My B&B exhaust tips weren't properly centered (no they did not install it), etc.

Anyways on my way home from work today (<24hrs mind you), I call and ask them if my car is ready, due to my separation issues I was experiencing, surprisingly he replies, as a matter of fact yes. "We're just installing a new rear diff, in which afterwards you're good to go!"
I'm thinking to myself, you just keep CTS-V rear Diffs in stock for customers like myself:thumbsup:.

He then gives me a run down on all the work they did in response to the minor issues I gave them on my list. I must say they did a damn good job and seriously exceeded my expectations.

As they bring my car inside for my to leave, I notice a service bulletin with yellow highlight. I thought it was just the usually friendly letter from the Master Technician but after I did a pretty impressive fish tail out of the dealership parking lot, and arrived at the next stop light I decided the read the highlighted text on the above note. The text reads as follows:

"Axle break in procedures must be strictly adhered to during initial break-ins as outlined in the Owners Manual. This also applies to any replacement axles that would be installed in a customer's vehicle. For 500 miles, it is suggested that rapid acceleration be avoided, as well as to avoid driving at the same speed for more than five or ten minutes at a time. The vehicle should also not be used for towing during the break-in process."

Thinking back to my fish tail out the dealership, I wished I'd read the note first:alchi:
Now here is my Break-in question
I can easily avoid driving at the same speed for more the five mins:stirpot:
I won't be towing at all either:highfive:
But can someone clearly define a rapid acceleration? :tisk:As far as I'm concerned, in the V the acceleration is always rapid by design:highfive:

Anyways, I just wanted to post a good Dealer experience. I'm Thankful for my Dealer how about you?

11-21-07, 08:45 PM
Good to hear about some positive dealer experiences.

The 2 dealers I work with here are usually very good :)