: McGuire Cadillac in Newton Nj

11-20-07, 08:47 PM
I recently purchased a 2002 seville from these guys. The car was a 2 yr lease turn in which the dealer purchased and then the owner gave to his sister to use for four years. Well they must have planned it perfectly because seems in NJ at least the used car lemon law expires at 60,000 miles this care had 61,250. i had their techs go over the car. The salesmen as it turned out was a friend of a guy i knew all my life so i leaned on the side of trust. The techs said the car wasnt leaking anything and it looked fine to them. So the next couple of days it rained here in jersey. That weekend i started going over my new ride and i decide to check the spare tire. but low and behold there was 8" of water in the wheel well. So i call these guys back and they tell me yes we saw that the day we were prepping the car we thought we fixed it but i guess we didnt - they said bring it back in so i did. They tore the trunk down to bear metal and ran water over the back they said the seams were leaking so they repaired it. Next week i notice anti-freeze leaking up front on the drivers side. And after a few more days of rain the trunk has water again. So i call them again and give them the car to fix the leak.. again and to look for the anti-freeze leak. So they say the rear window is leaking and they call a glass company to fix it. and they say the water pump cover and the water pump crossover is leaking - total cost 1,100 bucks. ouch!!!

i mean at 60,000 miles is this something that is supposed to go. oh also i tell them that theres green anti-freeze in it and shouldnt it be dex-cool orange. He said yes he then tells me that someone added dye to the anti-freeze. my question is why was someone looking for a leak. some one would have been the owners daughter. These guys stick!!!! avoid this dealer at all costs.