: Need technical help with 1978 Eldorado front wheel drive transmission

05-03-04, 04:32 PM
We really appreciate this website. We have found it to be informative and interesting.
We recently joined this community and have spoken about this problem. We thought we would try this message board and explain more in detail.

We need front wheel drive transmission technical help locating an original style final drive output shaft axle seals, both inner and outer.

The original style had vent holes that released the pressure from the differential final gear.

The seals we have found are aftermarket and do not have the vent holes.

We’re very concerned about the pressure buildup without the vent holes on these seals. What happens to this pressure? Where is all the pressure going with out the vent holes? Will they blow out the seals, push them out or leak?

Has anyone encountered this kind of problems?

Does anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks for any help.