: Happy Pole and Bubble day !

05-03-04, 01:33 PM
Why there arent any indy time carols i dont know but its may everyone and its indy time ....

Looking forward to pole day and bubble day , the new engine formula should make for good drama . Penske is gonna kick some arse again now that they got sam hornish . There alredy posting fast practise times .....

This year is the 6th year i wont be out there . ive taken in 15 "500s" but health issues wont let me drive up . The folks are flying up for it but i am afraid of airplanes so im pretty much out anymore . Its too bad as being there is a badass experence .

So who's going ? wes, you gonna go this time ?

05-03-04, 05:11 PM
I dont think we are going this year..

I gotta go sometime, as living 45mins away from the track, there is NO EXCUSE for me not to have gone once!!