View Full Version : 06 vs 07 awd sts which do I buy

11-19-07, 10:25 PM
I'm going to buy and STS AWD. Can anyone give me input on the differnce between the 06 and 07 on the AWD V6 and AWD V8.

Benjamin Simon
11-19-07, 11:27 PM
In the 07 v8 the tranny cums with a 6-speed opposed to the other years and the v6.
Can you wait until you can get a DI v6 2008 AWD? I think that might be the best of both worlds and you get the 6-speed tranny.

11-20-07, 06:16 AM
I want to stay uner $35,000

11-20-07, 01:27 PM
Pricing is very attractive on an 06. Less so on a 07 . I have an 06 with
AWD and a V6 . It is pretty quick from a standing start and you can`t
spin the wheels on a wet surface, the grip is amazing. Coming from a
2000 STS with the V8 , i can honestly say that i dont miss the performance
of the V8. The only noticeable difference is when travelling on the hwy ,the the V8 would pick up speed a little faster.Performance is more than adequate with a V6. Of course with the V8 , there wont be many cars quicker than you.
I got mine with the 1SC package, which has more than i was looking for , but
since buying used , the price was excellent and you take what`s available.
I believe that my gas milage improved also, or the tank is bigger?
Drive both the V6 & V8 and see for yourself what you think about that.
You will get more options for your money with the 06.
You will get more warranty with the 07.
Either way ,you will have a fine automobile.

11-20-07, 01:41 PM
Buy the newer car unless the '06 has more options at a better price.

11-20-07, 02:31 PM
there is a dealer here (ed morse cadillac and bayview cadillac) selling brand new never titled '06 for 20k off sticker. something to consider??

11-20-07, 06:31 PM
I just picked up a 2007 STS4 with 6400 miles. Blue Chip with Cashmere interior. V6, Sunroof, Nav, sticker was $52300+/-. The dealer in R.I. has internet specials. He appears to be overstocked on '07 STS4's. I am a former GM dealer with viewing access to the dealers auction. The 07's are not moving on the wholesale dealer level. The twin to my 2007 is currently being offered for under $32,000. with no takers the past 3 days. "Off color combo's" such as Silver with Cashmere, are a grand below the more popular choices. Perhaps you should visit a dealer who has too much product on the ground and make yourself a decent deal on a low mile '07 instead of a 2006.

11-21-07, 05:16 PM

Since you mentioned it , how does those off colour combo`s ,
specfically silver with the cashmere get produced . why does GM even
allow that combo to be ordered. Does anyone know ?
I think its the worst combo i ever came across.
I know Lexus wont let you pick that combo .
They protect the consumer from themselves.
But if these are new cars , the dealer must of placed the order with
the colour combo . The guy ordering the cars should ask his wife what
colour goes with what before placing the stock orders.

11-21-07, 05:58 PM
Crap, I was thinking of ordering Silver with Cashmere on a SRX. I saw one it looked pretty good. Then what do I know. Better go back to the Silver / Gray. :)

11-22-07, 09:49 AM
Loman, not sure who the ultimate final word is on exterior/interior combo's. GM always mentioned focus groups as a source. I do know that many obvious mistakes, ie red with blue, are blocked on the order guide.

Americans love choices. Dealers want a varied selection when they line up the new cars in rows of 10,20 etc. Rental companies order an array of colors without seeing them first. I personally do not like the black interior. So, if I had my heart set on Silver I would order the Cashmere. Keep in mind it is the dealers that pay the price for a car that sits for 6+ months on the lot :crying:. Not the factory. They use on time delivery systems which limits their exposure to the slow sellers.

11-22-07, 12:28 PM
There is a silver with cashmere sitting on a dealers lot since about June,
they keep lowering the price, but not enough to move it .
I like cashmere with other exterior colours, i had a metallic beige with it and it
looked decent .Blue also was a consideration with it .
I have silver with grey right now ( same as my last STS ). Pretty boring , but i like it .
To each ,their own .