: Weird Burning Smell: Update

11-19-07, 03:41 PM
OK, i have solved my burning oil problem. I orginally thought that it could be my breather system until i did further research and figured my breather system should not be clogged with me reguraly changing the oil at 58 000 miles....so i went uner the car to check and see if i could spot anything and lord and behold my oil plug was almost falling out. So oil was leaking from my oil pan onto my manifold. So those buzzards who last changed my oil didnt screw the cap on all the way.....but wait the story gets worse. I decide to change my oil manually just to do it and when i drained my oil, it looked like dirty blood!!!!!!!! WTH!!! I took it to the shop to get it replaced on a regular(so i thought) so why does it look like that, im thinking they did not change it.

So my question to you guys is...Does oil look like that when you change it or is it supposed to be clear like the brand new oil i bought for it?

And....when SHOULD in fact i clean my breather system out?

11-19-07, 04:14 PM
Sounds like the tech loosened the cap to perform the change but got sidetracked. Honest enough mistake (and I don't usually find myself excusing them) but had the cap backed out entirely it could have been catastrophic. With a crankcase of dirty oil and not knowing when or if it was last cleaned, I'd clean the breather now and every 6 months or risk the cam covers leaking from the build-up of crankcase pressure.


11-19-07, 04:26 PM
ok now in doing that would i need to take off the windsheild wipers and that manifold in order to get to that back part that the wires lead to. It would be pic number 7 in the omega owners fiy section on how to clean the breather system, that seems like the only tricky part to me. Will i have to unscrew that whold part in order to clean it?

11-19-07, 05:22 PM
Remember: The Omega and Catera aren't identical so some of the pictures won't exactly represent what you'll see under the hood. Close enough though.

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