: Coolant Smell

11-19-07, 09:21 AM
Good Morning All,
I was wondering about something and thought I might post this question to everyone out there. I sometimes smell a very faint coolant smell when I turn the car off. Most noticeable when I have just pulled the car into the garage. I am not leaking coolant anywhere, there is not coolant mixed with oil. Like I said it is very faint and I was just wondering if this was normal. If anyone knows please give me a shout back. Have a great turkey day all...

Seabass :hmm::hmm:

12-01-07, 12:11 AM
did you find out the problem???

12-02-07, 03:14 PM
mine did that and I had two leaking auxillary water pumps. Ones on the radiator drivers side and the other is on the passenger side fender under the coolant tank. Maybe check those for a leak. Mine wasnt dripping either. I also had a head gasket going bad and didnt have coolant in the oil but the overflow resevoir kept needing refilling. One of these 3 things was the cause of my coolant smell. Just some info for you.