: Battery?

11-18-07, 07:48 PM
Well, it's time for a new battery. I've run mine down too many times (kept forgetting to unplug my WBO2 and killed the battery :cookoo: )

Anyway, we've had plenty of tire debates but I didn't find anything particularly useful re: batteries.

I did run by Autozone and they didn't even list a battery (that they carry) for the V??

Input welcome :)

11-18-07, 08:15 PM
When the time comes I will likely replace mine with an OEM Delco.

The OEM Delco has given me good service in that it is three years old and still working. I am hard on batteries and rarely get more than two years on a battery. This is because: (1) I live in a hot climate; (2) use the AC most of the time: (3) make a lot of short trips; and (4) leave the car undriven for weeks at a time. I am not saying the OEM Delco is the best available for the V, but it has been good enough.

11-18-07, 08:44 PM
My original Delco gave me problems after about a year of service. It got to where it would die after 5 minutes of sitting with the radio on. So I replaced it with a Maxx battery from Walmart earlier this spring and haven't had any problems since. There were a few other users who had problems with the oem batteries which is why I went with a different brand rather than just getting it replaced by the dealer.

Black Sunshine
11-18-07, 09:00 PM
Dealer just replaced mine last week. Bad cell.

11-18-07, 09:03 PM
If you want a battery with no regrets; purchase the Optima Yellow Top. It is a state of the art battery with spiral cell technology and has incredible cold cranking amp power.

The Optima has terminal both on top and on the side as the OEM battery.

In some cases; the Optima terminal tops may come in slight contact with your hood when closed. That is easily solved by using a small ginder to take a 1/2" of the top of each terminal.

11-18-07, 10:12 PM

More cranking power than the Yellow...

Under the hood, in your trunk, it delivers power wherever you put it.
The RedTop has the cranking power to turn over a big, high compression engine with ease start after start. It can even handle constant engine starting and stopping while you're at the track doing hot laps. It really performs during the critical 5-10 second start zone. It has up to 2X the life of traditional batteries plus 16X the vibration resistance. And it holds a charge during long-term storage. Its stylized shape fits nicely into any rod, muscle car or racecar and you can mount it anywhere, even upside down, it won't leak.

View OPTIMA RedTops


11-18-07, 10:20 PM
When I had to replace mine, about a month ago, I measured the V and then measured the 78 series battery as well as the 101 series (our series of battery) and found the 78 to be a 1/4 inch taller. I came back to the house and remeasured the V and decided that it would fit, which it does. I really wanted the Optima but thought the top posts were going to touch the hood; as the Optima is even taller than the 78 series (because of the top posts). I had searched and someone had commented that they had removed some (or maybe all) of the top posts and ruined the Optima. I was not willing to take that chance; but if removing 1/2 inch will work, that just might be my next battery.

I also do know that Chef has a red top Optima, however I think his Spectre Werks hood helps with clearance. Not positive as I did not ask; heck he might have even had the battery tray shaved down to help fit it. Well Chef beat me to it! So how did you fit the red top Chef?

11-18-07, 10:25 PM
Just put ur in.

It fits perfectly with the cf - hood although some have been creative with the tray.

11-18-07, 10:30 PM
The blue top will give you enough cold cranking amps to turn over a bulldozer and front end loader to help dig Koz and his STS out from underneath the bottom of an Alaskan avalanche!

Hey Chef...I have the Red Top in my wife's 07 SRX AWD Northstar as the store was out of Yellow Tops.

I think they both have the same amount of cold cranking amps and actually I think the Red Top was about $10.00 less than the Yellow.

What is the major difference between the Yellow & Red?

I know that you can shoot a bullet through either one of them and they'll never leak and will still operate without fail.

11-18-07, 10:37 PM
In the forum search and at the FAQ.



11-18-07, 10:39 PM
a yellow top's a deep cycle battery... designed for deep discharge cycles, where a typical oem battery would fail. say as a secondary battery.

you want a red top.

11-18-07, 10:51 PM
what about an odyssey???

how tall is our current batter?