: Can someone tell me if these motor mounts are bad??

11-18-07, 12:22 PM

Can someone please tell me if these motor mounts are bad, just by the looking at the photos??

One is the left side, and the other is the right side. I'm getting a slight dieseling/shutter effect upon shutting the car off.


11-18-07, 01:49 PM
Hard to tell from those photos, back off a little bit and try again.
It looks possible but it is hard to say.

11-18-07, 04:49 PM
I most likely won't be getting back under it.. I think i'll just take it to the dealer and let them check it out.. They were pretty good to me last time with allowing for a replacement 06 diff.. My old one had some whine, but the left/right slop was real bad.. The new 06 diff. has zero left/right slop (when you grab the pinion yoke).

BTW.. ewill3rd.. My NAV is a stock 2004 (never replaced), just firmware upgraded. Do i really have to pull the NAV out just for the serial number for ordering the replacement buttons.. Sorry for asking this, i hate to do the job twice. :)

11-19-07, 07:05 AM
Yeah, to be sure you get the right buttons you'll need the part number off the top.
This time take a picture of the label in case you need it again.
It isn't too hard unless the clips on the lower piece get bent.
You have had it out before? Should be easy this time.
Don't forget the screw behind the ash tray!