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11-16-07, 08:32 PM
Ranger had suggested that I check for the presence of gas at the vacuum line of my fuel pressure regulator.It turned out to bad so yesterday I went to autozone to buy a new one. I had about 50 bucks in my pocket that I was sure was more than enough. Whoops try 120!! so I didn't get it and was not sure if I was being that I wasn't 100% sure it would solve all my problems even though I knew it was no good.
Long story short, My family owns a scrap processor and guess what was junked today!!! a 97' SLS with a blown motor.
I scored the FPR, a couple of injectors, the A/C compressor (mine is bad) and I will put the tranny on the side just in case.......
The regulator solved all my problems, The car purs like a lion., I am really starting to like this car more and more. By the way I am so jelous about the 97' interior (mine is a 95'). I was trying to figure out if I could find the time to swap them but it would never happen....
I'm sure that it hasn't been processed yet, are there any other sensors or computers that I should salvage????? What is worth having on the side, (I would like to keep the whole car on the side but we don't have the room)

11-16-07, 10:02 PM
Alternator, O2 sensors, wheel hub & bearing assembly, fuses, relays, bulbs, HVAC blower motor to name a few.

11-16-07, 10:10 PM
o2 sensors, I should have grabbed them right away... I am losing it, and i'm glad i asked.