View Full Version : Pulled multiple codes on 97 Cat (ignition, temp sensor etc.)

11-15-07, 05:07 PM
My cat has been having trouble I found my spark plug wires coated in oil on the passengers side. The car was also leaking coolant out the heater control valve and exchanging coolant in the oil. So I replaced the valve, gaskets, and oil cooler. I noticed my temp guage hasnt worked since I took everything apart but I did find this link


Where is the pin connector? I vaguley remember a black ground wire back behind the engine I must have forgotten to connect it.

I pulled the following codes as the engine has been stumbling all over the place lately and idles at 500 rpm and shakes pretty badly. It seems to really shake at 45-50 mph. Do you think my coil is going or the oil finally ruined my wires (original wires 103,000 on the car)?

P0300 Multiple Misfire
P0303 Misfire
P0306 Misfire
P0115 Engine temp sensor