: Shifting from 3rd to 4th....big clunk

11-13-07, 11:33 PM
I was shifting from 3rd to 4th today and it felt as if something had let go underneath the car. I was near my dealership and took it in. The guy drove, with me in the car, and it would not do it again. He checks the motormount that hasn't been replaced and says its still good. He said the flywheel was the cause of the sound because of its weight. Its never done it before, could this actually be the cause of the sound.

11-13-07, 11:38 PM
Other than the noise, is there any difference?

11-13-07, 11:41 PM
3rd gear seems to lose a little power but the guy said nothing was wrong

11-14-07, 10:04 AM
Overall I think the V is a great first effort, and I love my car. But I do think they missed on the bushings/mounts. Its hard to mix comfort and performance. Whatever they dont change for me, I'll do myself. Just hate when you fix their problem, they complain that you use aftermarket parts.
Good luck with that.