: Reasonable Price 2008

11-13-07, 07:18 PM
Do you think a 2008 sts fully loaded, every option is fairly price at 52 thousand or is that a little steep?

c5 rv
11-13-07, 07:40 PM
V6 or V8? $52K for a V6 is fairly close to MSRP for a well loaded unit. $52K for a well loaded V8 is a good price. Go on www.cadillac.com to build different configurations and see the incentives on each model.

11-13-07, 07:54 PM
Yes V8 and AWD are expensive options. Depends on what the car has.

11-14-07, 09:21 AM
Hi, If your a totally "new" car buyer there are a lot of web sites where you can check out the best pirces along with incentives. I purchased my 07 STS as a 'used GM program vehicle', these are cars driven by execs for short periods and then auctioned off to dealers. My 07 listed for over $60 grand and the dealer was selling it for $39,000 and it only had 3200 miles on it. It was in pristine condition and I traded in my 2000 STS and we made a deal including being certified for 6yr/100,000mi bumper to bumper. I also had a 1993 STS and both the 93 and the 2000 were certified and the only thing that I had to pay for were oil changes and normal wear-n-tear items such as brakes, tires etc. Just food for thought. pjb

11-15-07, 02:24 PM
i prefer edmunds for options and pricing out a vehicle...the tmv at edmunds for an 08 sts is at invoice, with cash to the dealer...assuming the dealer passes this on to the consumer....that's why using edmunds is preferable: they have the info you will need to stay informed when it's time to deal.