: KeyFob

11-12-07, 06:30 PM
My keyfob#1 won't memorize tilt/telesocpic or seat positions but my keyfob #2 does, what's up with that? 2007 STS

11-12-07, 06:46 PM
Just guessing... If the dealer lost fob #1, then ordered a new fob with a number 1 on it, then programmed the car to recognize an additional fob, then the car will see it as fob #3. Memory functions only work for fobs 1 & 2. If this is the case, this can be fixed by reprogramming all fobs. You could do it yourself, but might as well ask the dealer to do it in case it's something else.

11-12-07, 07:34 PM
Your absoutly correct. The dealer did loose #1 FOB and ordered a new one which they sent to me along with a check for $35 to cover the cost for my local dealer to program, but, I decided to pocket the $35 and do it myself. As you said it was programed into FOB #3 and I didn't know that FOB #3 wouldn't memorize all the settings. Thanks, I'll be taking my STS in for an oil change and mention the problem to the service tech and see if they'll reprogram the FOB's for free.

Do you know anythinbg about Tire sensors? I bought a set of rims, a set of snow tires and a set of new sensors, had them mounted and install on my STS but I can't get the sensors to register.


11-12-07, 08:46 PM
Speaking of reprogramming fobs, has anyone programmed the same fob to work more than one car (if this is possible)?

The reason I ask is that my partner and I are getting rid of his 03 DTS and replacing it with another STS (06 1SG AWD black/black) to go along with my 06 STS-V. I thought it would be really cool if my driver 1 FOB from my V would also work as the driver 2 FOB on his car (and vice versa) so we didn't have to carry around two fobs.

Does anyone know if this is even possible?

11-12-07, 11:43 PM

The TPMS procedure in the owner manual should do what you want but it doesn't work for me. It has worked for others here though. Search around the forum for advice.

Bee iLL
11-12-07, 11:55 PM
eWill let me know in the V forum that the service manual for 2007 no longer states the deflate/inflate as an option, only the tool option. I could not get it to work on mine and ended up just buying the tool which works great. I think it was left in the Owners Manual from previous years by mistake, though it no longer works with this years sensors... I could always be wrong.