: 1996 Cadillac DeVille NO CODES ????

11-12-07, 05:49 PM
Hi To All Of My Fellow Cadillac Owners !! :worship: This is a great site !! I have a dilema ! I was driving my car last week and all of the sudden the Transmission started "slipping". It drove perfectly going to one place and then when I departed it started acting up. I haven't driven it since I returned home and parked it due to fear I would damage my beautiful car more. I logged in and spent the next 12 hours searching the site for information about similar problems and came to the conclusion that there must be solenoid problems and they have ceased to function properly. I ordered parts for the transmission, the "A & B" solenoids, the TCC / PWM solenoid, and the variable shift motor solenoid. Today I went out to check the codes to be sure that I have in fact made correct "assumptions" about my transmission problem and when I did the OBD check it came back to me with no codes at all. I've checked for previous post's by other's but have not come across this problem in their post's. Does anyone here know of a similar situation where this has happened ? I have an appointment tentively slated to have a guy change the solenoids all at once, the transmission fluid, and filter because the car has just passed 100,000 miles and it probably deserves some attention. I do not want for him to go to extra work replacing these solenoids if they are not at fault. Can anyone please advise me about this situation ? I would greatly appreciate the information and wisdom! :worship:

Thanks a lot, joekid