: Water Leak Passenger Side???

11-12-07, 09:40 AM
:cycle::cycle:Ok here is what happened and this is what I did to fix the problem. If I could get some feedback on if you all believe the problem is fixed that would be great.

So to preface this the Cat is a 2000 Sport that I just purchased last week. The car had been sitting for over a year and had tons of grime all over it. So I planned to spend Sat detailing the car and decided to take the car to a Car Wash here in town to knock off some of the crud. By the time I got to breakfast after the wash I noticed water on the passenger side floor mat. The fan also sounded funny like there was water running through it. At this point there was a good amount of water and it showed no sign of stopping. I took the car to the local CAT dealer and a tech came out and looked at the car. He pulled up the plastic cover in the upper left corner that gives access to the passenger side air filter and the whole reservoir was filled with water. He then reached into the engine and released the flapper valve that is a drain for this area. I am guessing this valve froze shut because the car had been sitting for so long. Immedietaly about a gallon of water came rushing out from the car. God knows how long this had been in there. I think it only became a problem when I had the car washed. The air filter was totally covered in crud and non-functional. From what the tech said the reservoir is used to catch the water coming off the windshield and then drain it out under the engine. But if the drain is plugged then you get this problem. I dried out the interior with fans and nothing is acting funny at all. I replaced the filter and treated the duck bill valve opening with a light grease to keep the seals moist and not frozen. Other than that everything seems fine.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Why is the passinger side air filter exposed to water? As far as I can tell every time it rains or you wash the car water will go into this area. Some water has to get be getting onto the filter. This seems like a bad designe. Any thoughts...did I fix the problem?


11-12-07, 03:48 PM
heater core

11-13-07, 12:05 AM
I had the problem, same fix.

That's just the way the car is designed. Rain water (or carwash water) from the windshield on the pass side drains through the cabin filter compartment and out a drain over the front right tire. Just one of the drains. If it gets clogged by leaves (like mine did), the filter compartment overflows into the car. You can get to the drain by turning the front wheels to the left.

11-13-07, 11:48 AM
had the same exact problem. you shouldnt have to worry about it again. there is a small drain on the bottom of that little reservoir that shuold drain the water, however if leaves and gunk build up in there and block the drain, the water has no where to go, so it slowly sleeps into the cabin. anyways, problem solved, you shouldnt have to worry about it again.