: Taking V back in again...

11-11-07, 11:04 PM
about a month ago my diff was going, my radiator was leaking, and I had yet another bad sail panel...Also the trans was getting harder to shift and the car was vibrating badly at all speeds, and grinding profusely on turns... but especially at around 60... so i took it in and and they said a few days later that the rad was done, along with the sail panel but to come get the car untill the rear end came in... They said it was safe to drive, because it wasnt that bad... I took it out to my buddies house about 120 miles away, and the diff went. I mean gone. It was towed to a local dealership, and I had to take a limo home.

I got it back a few days later, it is still grinding and shaking... So i took it in last Monday, and they again say bring it back next Monday... I am thinking to myself, today is Monday? WTF... So I said, what if it breaks again? He says... I kinda hope it does.
I left, thinkin, okay I will wait a week, and then I will get it done finally and move on.... I am pissed but it sounds like they will get it done.
So I will be bringing it in tomorrow. I have driven this car, that I hate driving now because it shakes and grinds and just plain sucks. But luckily it has stayed together, the driveshafts havent come through the floorboards, nor has the flywheel... The diff didnt breake again in the middle of an intersection, and all is well. The dealer isnt ranked well in dealer rankings and now i know why.
The car isnt safe to drive. I dont know why I didnt just leave it there and told them to fix the f'in thing... But thats what I am doing tomorrow... If it isnt fixed I will be making a major stink to corporate.
I should anyway, since this is the second time they have rolled me in an unsafe, shitty car...

Wish me luck...

11-11-07, 11:44 PM
Sorry man! That stinks. I would make them pay for the Limo ride this time. I have been having problems with my tranny. Not real bad but its like the clutch is slipping. The car only has 36k on it and its a 05.


11-12-07, 12:07 AM
That's why it's best to mod the hell out of it so you'll feel better when things break...You can blame good ole "Mod Hell" and club mod hellers...:bomb: