: Just bought my Caddy, need help !!! PLEASE !!!

05-01-04, 06:45 PM
I've been looking for a caddy for awhile and finally today I got it. It's a 1997 Deville with 89,*** k miles on it. The problems I see is that 1. "Check engine coolant" keeps on appearing on the screen even though the tank is full. 2. It leaks oil from the pan, not sure where it's coming from. And the biggest one I see is that sometimes when im going to start it it stales a little bit and takes a awhile to get her going. I also have a question, whats the normal running temperature for a N* ??? My N* goes from about 197 to about 203 is the most i've seen it at. Someone please help me quick. Thanks

05-01-04, 07:32 PM
Sounds like the coolant level sensor/switch in the coolant pressurized surge tank is faulty or unplugged/disconnected.

Check/replace the fuel pressure regulator. That is the small, canister shaped device on the fuel rail with the vacuum line attached to it. Pull the vacuum line off of the FPR while idling the engine and watch the vac nipple on the FOR for any presence of fuel. There should not be any fuel present.

Coolant temp sounds perfectly normal. Can run up to 225 or 235 in normal operation. Forget about it unless it starts to get up above 245 or so regularily.

Oil leaks have to be thoroughly diagnosed to see exactly where the oil is coming from to determine what to do next. Have to get under there and clean it up and watch to see exactly where the oil is coming from.

Lots in the archives on all these. Use the search feature of the forum on the toolbar above. Search using "coolant temp" "fuel pressure regulator" "oil leak" etc....lots of resources there.