: Cadillac Forums: Update-coolant Leak Under My Car--

11-11-07, 08:41 PM
OK bros/gals--- it was indeed the hbv on my car that went out that was causing my baby to leak like that.
part: hbv valve-120 To get it fixed 150-

So now it has been a whopping 1070.00 dollars already with only 58,000 miles on her to keep her running(FEB 07 replaced head gaskets,oil cooler-$800). But i am still smelling a burning smell so i am figuring that it is my breathing system that is causing this......:banghead: Man... i tell you im REALLY thinking about getting a honda and saying "forget the trouble" but i have faith that all this money will keep her going. So is there any other problems that i may need to know of, or is there anything i need to be on the lookout for so i dont get surprised in two weeks when something else goes out. So finale list of things fixed so far


11-11-07, 10:10 PM
Replace it yourself.

11-13-07, 11:57 AM
yea, get the parts from someone you know who works at a dealer or parts store...im sure you can find someone. and then do the work yourself. you will save soooo much money. and after youwork out all the kinks the car should work well for you. i dumped alot of money into mine when i first got it too. but its been going good lately.

11-13-07, 01:27 PM
@ yellowhoodie-- Now the only thing that is messed up now is cleaning that damn breather system because i can still smell that burning smell---in the DIY thread how do i access the parts in the back of the engin that they say you have to clean?