: I'm Looking at bfg kdw tires

11-11-07, 08:01 PM
The only size close to stock in the traditional tread (which I like) is 265-40r18. Any camparison input to our stoc 245-45's. Rubbing, taller, shorter, or just wrong? I really like the tread. I also like the KD's, but can't seem to find a good size. I guess what I'm saying is what would be the perfect KD or KDW (traditional tread) tire for my car? I would love to go wider if I won't experience rubbing issues. Don't like the KDW2 tread design, to me it looks too "sport compact". Let me try that again... I really want KDW Traditional tread) or KD's. What size can I do??? Sorry for the long question.

11-11-07, 09:21 PM
Go with the gen 2's trust Me, We are on Our second set, and absolutely love them!!!!!!!!!!!!