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11-09-07, 08:08 PM

Just got a 2008 STS V6, with most everything! I very much enjoy the car. Need to take a minute to give props to Scott at Superior Cadillac (a forum sponsor) for a great experience. Smooth transaction, great price and fast delivery. Live in Ohio, stopped in to see them in Michigan on Monday afternoon, had the car the next afternoon. Scott was very knowledgeable and made every effort to ensure the process was smooth and painless. so painless, it was delivered by a pair of his drivers the afternoon of the same day I decided!!!!

Now for my question ... what are the accessories for this car? I am looking for what you guys think are the must haves???

Thanks for your advice (and thanks to Scott for a super easy buy!)



11-10-07, 04:38 PM
Real spare.

Number 3
11-11-07, 01:43 PM
Get some HIDs!!!!! Good luck with the new ride!

11-11-07, 02:10 PM
YOu referring to fog light HID's? Came with the headlights as HID. Anything else?

11-12-07, 06:04 AM
i think you should change out the grille for the E&G mesh grille. spoiler and wheels depending on your style. clear tail lamps and body kit.

Curious George
11-13-07, 08:16 PM
Cadillac offers accessories at http://www.cadillac.com/cadillacjsp/model/accessory.jsp?model=sts&year=2008 . Wheels, cat-back exhaust, mats, smoked tail lamp lenses (I recommend them if you have an Infrared car), carbon fiber engine cover, etc.

11-23-07, 09:38 AM
The STS-V grill would look great. I have it on mine, along with 20" wheels.