View Full Version : Build your own ODB2 to USB adapter

11-09-07, 05:25 AM
Ever notice how expensive ODB2 equipment is? I found this neat project this morning and thought I'd pass it along. It details how to build your own ODB2 to USB adapter, on the cheap. I'm sure there some folks on this board who could use and build one of these.


11-09-07, 09:45 AM
I've got one from some other software from years ago...but regardless, good find.

11-09-07, 10:17 AM
While this adapter can be built for much less than most dedicated OBD2 devices, it should be remembered that using it requires a laptop or other portable computer device. If you do not have such a computer, this adapter is not usable, and the cost of a laptop computer will greatly exceed the cost of many dedicated OBD2 devices. For those who already have a laptop, it might be the way to go.