: 2008 With 22' Giovanna Wheels

11-08-07, 04:56 PM
This car was in the parking lot of my club today, brand new with temp tag.

I snapped some pics with my phone just in case someone wanted to see these wheels on an STS.

If it so happens to belong to someone here... ask for me and I'll buy you a drink!! Nice ride!





Number 3
11-08-07, 05:09 PM
looking hott my friend! GOOD WORK!

11-08-07, 05:58 PM
i'll buy them some stock wheels so that car wont look so shitty :)

11-08-07, 06:10 PM
looks horrible...hate that look..

11-08-07, 06:13 PM
Well, if it were my car... you know what color the wheels would be.


11-08-07, 06:16 PM
Well, if it were my car... you know what color the wheels would be.

:)yes, i know, and they also would not look like ass :)

11-08-07, 06:24 PM
yes, i know, and they also would not look like ass :)

Oh believe me, thats not a guarantee.... I have made some very expensive mistakes in my past with wheels.

I lernt the hard way.

But to each his own.. maybe someone was looking to put gigantic Giovanna wheels on their STS and can see how it looks before they pull the trigger. I don't think it looks all that bad but it does sit a lil high for me. Maybe 20's would have looked better, or maybe if the wheels had some black in it to match the car.


Still a very nice car.

11-09-07, 05:37 AM
i like the look of big wheels but i definetly not feeling the wheel choice they choose especailly the colour. but i dont think it looks bad or he ruined the look of the car. but as mentioned before black wheels would of looked a bit better IMO. is it just me or does the rims look plasticy in that pic.

11-09-07, 11:26 PM
That would make a nice addition to your garage, hit.
Honestly, though, I prefer your slick, smoking hot Deville.

Pete Benson
11-10-07, 02:52 PM
Cool! Now take some dental floss or fishing line, and get rid of the tiny square "GM" plaques at the bottom of the car just behind the front wheel openings.

11-10-07, 03:32 PM
I personally think those wheels look horrible. Why take a classy, expensive car and put ugly aftermarket wheels on it as if it were some cheapass Nissan?

11-11-07, 07:19 AM
exactly my sentiments.