: First Cadillac Purchas

Gene Massey
04-30-04, 10:27 PM
I have been thinking about purchasing a Cadillac for a long time. On March 27th I made my first Cadillac purchase. A 2002 Deville. I really do like it what should I expect from here?:)

05-01-04, 09:20 AM
Congrats on your purchase! I'm sure that you'll love it :-)
(Wouldn't be so sure if it was a 97 or 98 Catera, LOL....)
When I joined CadillacForums.com I wasn't sure what to expect either. I almost thought it would be one of those REALLY boring forums where you wait WEEKS for a reply to your topics, but boy was I wrong! Since I was looking for some pretty serious help with my 97 Catera, answers weren't instant, but I got my help soon enough, and now hopefully am helping others with their cars as much as I can. With a Deville I'm sure that there are more owners and more information avalible than the Catera, so I'm sure that you won't have any problem finding answers here.
Welcome aboard, have fun, stay a while, learn as much as you can, and try your hardest to pass your knowladge along to future newbies :-D

05-01-04, 09:42 PM
Welcome Gene!
Thanks for joining the forum. Congrats on the 02 Deville! I abosolutly love my 99' Concours! I'm sure you will be happy with the Caddy. Please tell us more about it, we love to hear the stories! If you get a chance post a picture or two (and one of the interior for Sal!) Don't be afraid to ask for help, someone is always close by! Good luck.