: PRICING for KW Coilover kits...

11-07-07, 01:26 PM

Following is the information that my Buddy at KW sent me this morning about the V kit.

Here is the pricing on the V kits.

KW 35263001 MSRP = $2,225.00
The kit consists of front V-3 coilovers (stainless steel) rear adjustable lowering springs and perches, and rear adjustable V-3 shocks (stainless steel).

These units are available to ship from Germany right now and should be on our shelves within the next week.

ST sway bars will be released in about a week for the CTS-V (bars are here waiting on instructions).
Front sway bar is 1-3/16" solid and rear is 1" solid.
ST 52400-front and rear sway bar set MSRP=$364.69
ST 51400-rear sway bar MSRP=$179.54
ST 50400-front sway bar MSRP=$221.97

I will pass along any further technical data as I receive it.


11-10-07, 01:11 AM
Hey Dave-
I really should ride in your car to see how the KW's work--man, this stuff is dangerous as the wallet never seems deep enough!!

Regards, Brad

11-10-07, 02:47 AM
Who wants to pay MSRP?
Where is the deal?